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Longs Guns and Ammo serving residents of Winston Salem, NC  inventories a wide variety of hunting and protection knives.  Looking for a great selection of hunting knives? We have dozens of high-quality hunting knives and gear, all with a 90-day guarantee. Every hunting knife is different. Some are designed for survival in the wild and come complete with a flint fire starter and water-protective cover. Others are made for animal skinning while some are designed to fold up to fit into your daypack. What you need in a hunting knife depends on what you’re catching.

Most hunting knives are stainless steel or carbon steel to ensure durability. They can measure anywhere from 3” to 14” and their shapes and sizes vary widely by purpose. The best part is, there’s a hunting knife for every taste, from camo to pink! Your hunting knife says a lot about the kind of hunter you are so it’s important you choose one that reflects your personality and skill level.&

Below is our list  of the best folding knives for self defense.

  • SOG Seal Pup Elite.

  • CRKT Ultima.

  • Ontario Ranger Kerambit EOD.

  • Ontario RD 6.

  • Buck Intrepid-L.

  • TOPS/Buck CSAR-T.

  • Browning's Black Label Backlash.

  • Schrade SCHF14.

Please scroll through our Knives Sales Gallery below and click on the image for additional details and viewing. Thank you for your business.

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