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How to Finish an 80 Percent Lower Receiver as a Functional Firearm

Longs Guns and Ammo serving residents of Winston Salem, NC  inventories a wide variety of lower and upper Receivers.  

If you’re handy with simple tools and can follow basic instructions, you can turn an 80% lower receiver into an effective and reliable firearm with a few hours of work. To finish them precisely, you’ll need a drill press or power drill, a router jig, a vise, and other components included in the gun parts kit.

Get started building or upgrading your dream AR-15 today with an upper receiver assembly. We carry complete assemblies from some of the top manufacturers that use the highest-quality parts. Whether you’re looking for a simple setup or prefer a tactical, free-float look, we’ve got you covered with everything you need. Simply pair up one of these uppers with your lower receiver, grab some magazines and get ready for a great day at the range. Selecting a new upper is a quick and easy way to give that rifle a new look or purpose in seconds.

Please scroll through our Lower and Upper Receiver Sales Gallery below and click on the image for additional details and viewing. Thank you for your business.

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