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Dagger Upper/Lower Receivers

Looking Forward To a Great 2024. Stop By and Visit Us.

Welcome to Long's Guns and Ammo!


Do you own a few firearms or have inherited your father’s or grandfather’s collection? Maybe you have made a decision that you no longer want to own a gun or you just need some cash and have decided to sell your firearm?  Whichever it is, you realize that your gun collection can be a potential source of income.  But while you may or may not have sold guns at other venues (like a gun show or a gun shop or through a gun broker) before, you’ve never sold one at a pawn shop, and you’re not really sure where to start.  Well, you have come to the right place!  Long's Gun and Ammo in Winston Salem NC can help you with this process and buy your firearms.  We want to make sure that whether you are a gun collector or have made the decision to get a conceal and carry permit, that we are a good resource for help and information for you.  We are a licensed firearm dealer. 

Opening Hours:

10:00 AM to 6:00 PM


10:00 AM to 3:00 PM




(336) 659-0641 Call 24/7
(336) 403-8027 Text Only

5272 Germanton Road

Winston Salem NC 27105

We Buy & Sell Guns


From one gun to 100 guns, Long's Guns and Ammo Gun is one of the Triads largest purchaser of used guns, collectible guns and gun collections, as well as swords, militaria and more! We can purchase your gun or gun collection as well as accept it for trade-in. We pay cash on the spot, and legally remove guns from your name, ensuring for a legal and hassle-free transfer.


What We Do


- We specialize in firearm (FFL) transfers.

-We provide our customers with a wide variety of ammunition in many different calibers and brands

-Our firearms inventory constantly changes, so please contact us to inquire about availability

Our Products


​  Handguns

- Rifles

- Pistols & Custom Guns

- Shotguns

- Tactical (AR-15)

- Ammunition

- Receivers

- Magazines

- Gun Cleaning Supplies

- Knives

- Shooting Gear

- Lasers

- Optics

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